Susses Mens Superleague operates under the Sussex County Organisation Constitution, Rules & Regulations. 

The County Organisation shall lead any investigation into irregularities if any arise, if the league secretary is unable to offer advise or guidance on rules or is anyway involved in the situation. This will be led by a small selection of independent committee members.


Sussex Mens Superleague are to promote, and co-ordinate regular super league matches and competitions on behalf of Sussex County Darts. All statistics shall be recorded and kept to enable the County organisation use to aid in the selection process for County representation. Note : This does not exclude players playing in other Super League organisations.

Team registration fees are set at £60 for the initial season and £40 for every season thereafter. This payment must be paid at the AGM where a delegate from each team must be in attendance, failure to do so will have a £10 penalty fine imposed.

All players shall be registered with the UKDA as well as being a member of Sussex Super League. Current costs for this are £15 to UKDA, £5 to Sussex Super League per player.

All player registrations MUST be with the league secretary BEFORE the first game of the season.

All players MUST be registered prior to playing on match nights. If a player is not registered then that game shall be forfeit to the opponents, the match result adjusted as appropriate and a fine of £15 shall be imposed to the team. 

There must be no more than 2 players per team that do not reside in Sussex. Unless pre-approved by the Super League secretary and written acceptance by BOTH team captains, there shall be no transfers of players after mid-season and any player may only transfer once in any given season.

Any Non-Sussex resident shall NOT be permitted to enter in the Sussex closed events (i.e Gold Cup or equivalent / Winmau Masters) Each team must appoint a Captain/Secretary who shall be responsible for the registration of team and players and be contactable by the league secretary.

Each team must have a venue suitable for Super League with one match ‘UKDA approved’ Dart board and one ‘UKDA approved’ Practice board. Both must have a raised oche and be of regulation height/distance.


All fixtures are to be played on the Wednesday evening on the specified date sent by the league secretary

If any fixture cannot be fulfilled then the league secretary and the opposing team captain must be notified a minimum of 48hrs prior to the scheduled match and the appropriate catch up night booked for the match to GO ahead. Where teams fail to agree on a mutually acceptable date the League Secretary and/or the Sussex County selected committee will impose such sanctions it feels fit against the offending team/s

The draw shall take place no later than 20:15 with the first game starting no later than 20:30 unless both team captains agree.


There is a match fee for each game to be paid to the Sussex Super League set at £18 per game. £9 of which remains with the Sussex Super League and £9 is transferred to the Sussex County Organisation. These fees MUST be paid as soon as possible and without fail by the end of the season.


At the end of each season, the winners & Runners Up shall receive cash prizes proportionate to the entries I the current season. In addition there shall be £1 per point awarded to each team. In the event of any registration or match fees outstanding then any prize payment shall be withheld.

Any trophies awarded at presentation shall be signed for by the winning team representative/Player and must be returned in good, clean condition prior to the following season presentation.

Any trophy not returned then that team/player shall be liable for the cost of replacement.


The format of the league is set as 8 games per fixture with 1 point being given for each winning match and a bonus of 2 points awarded to the winning team, in the event of a draw then both teams will receive a bonus point. Each games shall be played as 501 straight in, Double finish over the best of 7 legs.

Each team Captain or representative shall conduct a random draw at the start of the match to determine the order of play with the away team throwing first in legs 1, 3, 5 & 7 and the home team throwing in legs 2, 4, 6 & 8. Each team shall provide a caller for each alternate game, i.e the Home team to call matches 1, 3, 5 & 7, whilst the away team call matches 2, 4, 6 & 8

Each team shall preferably use ‘Darts for Windows’ scoring system to record scores, this is to be sent to the league secretary within 24hrs of the match ending. Where Darts for Windows is unavailable an alternative system may be used but must record the following : The number of darts used in the match Players average Every score thrown 50 pence per player must be collated and the total of £8 awarded to the ‘Player of the Match’ at the conclusion of the match.


If a player, team or official is involved in an incident that is considered to of brought the team, county or sport of darts into disrepute then that player, team or official may be the subject to disciplinary proceedings being brought against them.

If any complaint arises then in the first instance the two opposing captains shall discuss and seek a mutually agreeable outcome. If this is not reached then the complaint must be brought to the attention of the league secretary or nominated committee representative where an investigation shall be initiated and heard by a minimum of 3 independent county committee members. The offending players/team or official shall be invited in writing to attend the investigation, failure to attend will result I the matter being decided in their absence.

If an investigation does take place then the offending players/team/official may be suspended until the investigation and any disciplinary is completed.

The outcome of the investigation shall be passed to 2 senior committee members with the possibility of disciplinary penalties being invoked. If this decision is then appealed against it shall go to either the President or Chairman of the county (but shall remain independent) to make the final decision. This decision will be final.