I have just attended a meeting on behalf of the county regarding possible proposals on changing the divisional structure of the County Darts Divisions to try and reduce travel costs. Please note this is ONLY the proposals and if there is enough support to put these forward its not a vote meaning it will happen. So first things first, we need to know what you the players/members of Sussex want.

Proposal 1 : The Country is split into a North/South divide comprising of 3 divisions in each. The proposed Southern sector will compromise of London, Gwent, Kent, Hampshire, Devon, Glamorgan, Essex, Dorset, Cornwall, Somerset, Suffolk, Oxfordshire, Hertfordshire, Surrey, Cambridgeshire, Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Sussex, Middlesex, Wiltshire, Bedfordshire, Pembrokeshire, Gloucestershire, West Of England, Breconshire, Isle of Wight.

The fixtures stay the same as only playing each other once with promotion / Relegation to be decided as 1 or 2 up/down. There is then a possibility at end of year that winners of each division play each other. i.e winners of Div 1 North play Winners of Div 1 South at a central venue.

Proposal 2 : Current Premiership & Championship Divisions remain national but reduced by 1 team. Then there are three divisions comprising of North, Central and South that are regionalised with winners of each going into the championship with 3 teams being relegated. If the three teams relegated are of the same area then theses division may need to be shuffled around. i.e if 3 south coast teams are relegated from the Championship then the teams at the uppermost part of each section would move into the other regionalised division. We, as Sussex would start of in the National Championship (depending on final standings this year) and the Initial South Division 1 teams are Surrey, West of England, Middlesex, Somerset, Breconshire, Pembrokeshire, Isle of Wight, Gwent, Gloucestershire, Oxfordshire, Wiltshire.

Option 3 : we remain with the current set up with divisions as they are.

The proposal has to have 20 teams backing it for it to be discussed at the AGM or EGM. So if we as a county even just want this to be discussed further then we need to accept for the proposals to be put forward, does not mean we then have to keep with the decision, we can change our minds and vote against it at the AGM/EGM.

Please vote on which you think. I have to let the proposer know by the end of Feb if we back the proposal or not so it can be put forward in writing to the UKDA.

Any questions please feel free to ask me.